E-Markets is an electronic service package through which you can utilize GL Markets’ trading services.The different tools in e-Markets provide you with all you need to make financial decisions related to trading, investment and risk management. You can use e-Markets either on your desktop or on your mobile devices.

We offer comprehensive expertise in investing and employing your capital, providing you with views, advice and forecasts that will allow you to always make expert choices at the right time. GL e-Markets is a powerful and reliable tool that helps you manage your daily workload.

  • Make foreign exchange (FX) trades and deposits quickly and easily.
  • Understand and manage your company’s FX risks with the help of various analytical tools.
  • Minimize your company’s FX risks with our hedging products – anywhere, any time.
  • Follow our views on the performance of the GL Markets and global markets.

And there are plenty of other features available. The service is compatible with various platforms and financial administration systems, and our smart pricing allows you to utilize GL Markets’ liquidity anywhere, any time – even when there are wild swings in the markets.