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Business & Investment:

In close collaboration with the world’s top corporate and investment banks to drive business performance, GL Markets develops a plan for investment management that will increase the customer’s wealth creation in accordance with his/her financial situation, goals and comfort level with risk.

Customer Support specialists:

Customer Support specialists have trading experience and the ability to answer any questions that you might have about getting started.

Financial Consulting:

GL Markets provides professional service that combines financial and investment advice especially on the following areas:

  • Solution
  • Operation
  • Service
  • Success
  • Knowledge
  • Results

The service provides oversight of client portfolios through meetings with clients and easy to read, detailed analytical reports. These reports will typically include both qualitative and quantitative analysis of portfolios as well as detailed observations relating to asset allocation. GL Markets will also monitor the performance of portfolios against agreed benchmarks.

We also negotiate fees with banks and investment managers on behalf of clients. The team at GL markets know that there is little market intelligence relating to industry ‘norm’ fees and costs that is easily available to clients. The experience of the GL Markets Wealth team in the private banking and investment management market mean that they are able to highlight areas where more competitive fees could be negotiated.

Risk Management:

Expert advice on risk management, review of not only financial risks but other areas including operations, resources and reputation that can have a dramatic impact on the continuing success of an entity.

Fraud prevention and detection:

Fraud is now a fact of business and its cost to business is enormous. Advice is available on prevention and detection of fraud, whether carried out using traditional methods or via the internet.